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About Us

 About Us:


Omnitec Design, Inc. specializes in manufacturing equipment for environmental cleanups, restoration, healthcare facilities, labs, emergency response and many other industries.

Our staff combines hands-on knowledge of restoration and structural drying, extensive experience in equipment design and manufacturing, and excellent customer service.

Omnitec started in 1988 with an innovative, modular design of asbestos abatement equipment and expanded to other hazardous waste and bio-contamination specialty equipment. We introduced light weight, aluminum housings and a modular, stackable design for our negative air machines. Innovations over the years include variable speed controls to increase versatility of our equipment and upright housing configuration to minimize the footprint. Now, our line of OmniAire HEPA machines can provide flows from 50 to 18,000 CFM.

 Omnitec has developed a line of unique equipment which includes:

  • OmniAire is our high quality, HEPA air filtration and purification equipment for use in abatement, industrial environments and healthcare.
  • OmniGuard, our differential pressure recorder, has become industry standard and our Watchman DP/Alarm monitor is a new economical addition.
  • OmniFlow purification unit for water discharged from asbestos and lead abatement sites.
  • Compact, high output Vulcan electric heaters for structural drying.
  • PEROX air purifiers for safe and effective VOC, odor and bio-contamination control. Effective for restoration after floods and fires, use in healthcare facilities, and thousands of additional applications.

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