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Bio-Hazard & Crime Scene

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Bio-Hazard & Crime scene cleanup with HEPA Filtration Machines

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber

OmniAire HEPA air filtration machines can remove odors and toxic VOCs released into the air during the cleaning and removal process. OmniAire portable air filtration and purification equipment offers the most efficient and economical solution to reduce toxicity and improve safely for your Bio-Hazard projects. Typically, the standard 99.97% HEPA filter is sufficient, however, if you need the next level of airborne pollutant removal for more toxic applications, such as filtering out VOCs, viruses, smoke and gas molecules, add an OdorGuard Activated Carbon filter.

Typical applications

  • Sewage clean up
  • Meth Lab cleanouts and restoration
  • Particulate and odor control in evidence rooms
  • Crime scene
  • Bio-Hazard
  • Infectious disease cleanup

600 Nitro Yellow 3

OmniAir Nitro 600 with yellow housing

OmniAire Machines Features

  • Built to provide long and reliable service - OmniAire machines are built to perform in tough Bio-Hazard environments, easy to maintain and ready for DOP/PAO efficiency testing at your job site.
  • Variable speed - OmniAire machines are available with airflows from 50 to 18000 cfm. Many models offer variable speed control with infinite airflow settings.
  • Economical - 12” deep HEPA 99.97%, 0.3 micron filters to provide long service before change of HEPA is required. Optional HEPA 99.99%, 0.3 micron and OdorGuard 600 carbon filters.
  • Safe to operate - meets UL, CSA and OSHA safety standards required on governmental projects.

Control of Odors, VOCs and Bio-Contaminants

PEROx Air Purifier

PEROx Air Purifier

OmniAire HEPA air scrubber connected to PEROx Air Purifier is a very powerful and safe tool to use to control biological contaminants, mold spores, odors, VOCs, sanitize air and surfaces during  the restoration process. PEROx generates Hydro-peroxide without use of chemicals and can be used in occupied spaces thru restoration and in final cleanup of restored areas.

Air Filtration Systems
Odor, VOC and Bio-Contaminant Purifiers

Support for Bio-Contaminants and Cleanup at Crime Scenes

Achieving the best results with our equipment in specific industries often includes understanding the features of our machines and/or the accessories that will best assist you in your job.  Here we provide a few observations and elaborations that may help you in your research.

Using HEPA AIr Scrubbers

Air Filtration Machine vs. Neg Air vs. Air Scrubber

Why UL/CSA testing?

Why is Negative Pressure Containment Used?

How much airflow I need?

How often we need to be changing primary/secondary and HEPA filters?

What is HEPA filter?

How do I control odors and VOCs without chemicals?