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Construction & Demolition

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Demolition & Construction Projects

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber

Demolition and construction projects release a combination of dust and bio-contaminants which are irritating and potentially harmful. The dust generated during these projects must be contained and captured. Depending on the risk assessment, HEPA air scrubbers can be used to purify air at a work area or negative pressure containment. HEPA negative air machines can be used to prevent the spread of dust and other contaminates to the outside area. The air filtration equipment, pressure monitors, and purifiers for bio-contaminants are briefly described below with interactive links to more detailed information.

Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines

OmniAire HEPA air filtration machines are used as air scrubbers to purify air or as negative air machines to create negative pressure and required air changes (ACH) inside the contained work area. The negative pressure containment is an effective and proven method of capturing fine dust particles and other contaminants released during demolition and construction projects. Our OmniAire air filtration machines, with airflows from 50 to 18000 CFM, are used daily at countless construction, demolition, abatement and restoration projects. To assist you with your airflow requirements for your next project, see our Air Flow Calculator.


600 Nitro Yellow 3

OmniAir Nitro 600 with yellow housing

  • Variable speed control – OmniAire machines are available with airflows from 50 to 18000 cfm. Many models offer variable speed control with infinite airflow settings.
  • Economical to operate – 12” deep HEPA 99.97%, 0.3 micron filters to provide long service before change of HEPA is required. Optional HEPA 99.99%, 0.3 micron individually tested and certified filters available.
  • Safe to operate – meets UL, CSA and OSHA safety standards required on governmental projects, in healthcare facilities and many areas where safety of employees is of concern. A number of models meet CE/IEC regulations and requirements for export.
  • Built to provide long and reliable service – OmniAire machines are built to perform in tough construction environments, easy to maintain and to meet DOP efficiency testing at your job site.


  • Creates negative pressure and safe environment at your work area
  • Reduces potential liability – prevents spreading of contaminants
  • Protects your workers – improved job performance
  • For assistance in choosing the correct OmniAire HEPA negative air machine for your asbestos abatement project use our handy Airflow Calculator.
Watchman and OmniGuard 4 pressure monitors

Watchman and OmniGuard 4 pressure monitors

Differential Pressure Monitors

When using negative pressure containment, it is important to monitor the pressure inside the containment in reference to the outside area. The Watchman DP monitor with alarm system and the Omniguard 4 recorder are the most reliable low pressure measuring instruments for the demolition and abatement industry. The negative pressure required at a contained abatement work area is usually at 0.020”WC, which is a very small DP and challenging to measure. The Watchman differential pressure monitor and Omniguard 4 pressure recorder provide accurate monitoring and alarming functions and are easy to set up with a simple push-button calibration.

Air Purifiers for Mold, VOCs and odor

PEROx Air Purifier

PEROx Air Purifier

To control mold spores, odor, VOCS, and numerous other bio-contaminants during demolition and the final cleanup, the PEROx air purifier is your safest and the best tool. It generates Ionized-Hydro-Peroxide which rapidly destroys contaminants in surrounding air and on hard surfaces. Hydro-Peroxides are generated from oxygen and air humidity without adding any chemicals. Unused oxides convert back to H2O and O2.

PEROx Purifiers destroy

  • Mold and mildew
  • Chemical fumes
  • Paint odors
  • Cleaning-chemical odors
  • Pet odors
  • Sewer odors
  • Odor and bacteria from decaying organic matter
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Tobacco odors
  • Many other hazardous bio-contaminants
Air Filtration Systems

Support for Construction and Demolition Projects

Achieving the best results with our equipment in specific industries often includes understanding the features of our machines and/or the accessories that will best assist you in your job.  Here we provide a few observations and elaborations that may help you in your research.

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