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Keeping up with Best Practices

Restoration is key after floods and fires and is a constantly evolving industry. In addition to keeping up with industry best practices for health and safety of both the contractors and the building residents post restoration, it is also important to be working with modern and reliable restoration equipment. Utilizing Omnitec Design Inc and OmniAire products will allow you to take advantage of the latest best practice methods with equipment you know will work reliably and safely.

Restoration Equipment from Omnitec Design

Vulcan RT & Vulcan can operate in the vertical position

Use heat to speed up evaporation

Within the last few years, there has been an industry-wide move towards using heat to increase the evaporation rate of moisture in materials. Most modern dehumidifiers (LGRs) have increased their range of ambient operating temperatures as high as 125°F to support the use of external heaters on the jobsite. Omnitec Design offers two models of the Vulcan electric heat drying system; the smallest and yet most powerful electric heat drying units on the market today. The Vulcan and the Vulcan RT can provide up to 180°F of dry heat and have been specifically designed to work well with modern LGR’s and other specialty drying equipment such as high pressure drying systems. Maximize your drying efficiency and effectiveness by using the Vulcan or the Vulcan RT electric heat dryers on your next hard to dry job or on any project where boosting the ambient temperature levels will provide faster and more efficient drying.

Remove airborne dust and contaminants

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber for restoration

OmniAire 1200V Air Scrubber

Airborne contaminates and dust are a significant consideration for almost any restoration project. Studies have shown a substantial increase in air particulate matter during the drying process. Not only do dust and contaminates affect your worker’s safety, but they also the safety of the post-restoration occupants. Just increasing the air circulation doesn’t remedy the situation and without adequate filtration, may actually create more problems. OmniAire’s HEPA air filtration machines are industry recognized as among the best available.  By filtering the jobsite air through HEPA filtration, you not only reduce the airborne contaminates and dust, but you also increase air-flow throughout the dry-out project and maintain a safer, cleaner environment. With our extensive line of OmniAire HEPA air filtration machines, we are able to meet whatever size restoration project you may have. Try out our air flow calculator to see which machines are the best suited for your jobsite needs.

Control odors, mold and bio-contaminants

restoration equipment PEROx Air Purifier

PEROx Air Purifier

In addition to dust and airborne contaminants, there can often be the additional issue of mold spores, bio-contaminates and the need to maintain sanitation levels during the restoration process. For this purpose, Omnitec Design has developed the PEROx air purifier. The PEROx air purifiers are designed to control biological contaminants, mold spores, odors, and VOCs as well being able to support sanitized air and surfaces during the restoration process. PEROx air purifiers generate hydro-peroxide ions which are a proactive method of indoor air sanitation without the use of additional chemicals and can safely be used in occupied spaces through restoration and in final cleanup of restored areas. Omnitec Design makes both a stand-alone model and an add-on module to our other machines.

Maintain quality & safety for your workers

We are proud of the quality of all of the products we manufacture.  The OmniAire Air filtration machines and Vulcan heaters meets NEC requirements and were tested by NRTL, TUV lab and are UL and CSA/IEC compliant for electrical safety. All our machines are manufactured in the United States and are individually tested to ensure the highest quality, well-built equipment designed to serve your needs for years of trouble free service. Whether you are involved in water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, or the structural drying aspect of the restoration industry you will find success by using the best tools available. We are confident that you’ll find our quality machines to be the best tools and the best value on the market.

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Support for the Restoration Industry

Achieving the best results with our equipment in specific industries often includes understanding the features of our machines and/or the accessories that will best assist you in your job.  Here we provide a few observations and elaborations that may help you in your research.

Using HEPA AIr Filtration

FAQs – OmniAire Equipment for Restoration Projects

Air Filtration Machine vs. Neg Air vs. Air Scrubber
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