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OmniAire Equipment for Laboratory Environments

OmniAire 200v Laboratory Environments

OmniAire 200v

Omnitec has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture and deployment of portable air filtration equipment to a wide range of applications in medical facilities, laboratory environments, and hazardous waste control. Our line of OmniAire and OmniAire PAC HEPA air filtration machines with airflows from 50 cfm to 2000 cfm, we can help you to solve almost any air purification issues.


  • HEPA filtration of hazardous contaminants from flow benches with sealed HEPA for ease of disposal.
  • HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration of dust and fumes
  • Creating positive or negative pressure environments
  • Increasing air changes (ACH) and purifying air where needed

Differential Pressure Monitors

OmniAire 1200PAC for Laboratory Environments

OmniAire 1200PAC

The positive pressure required at Clean Room work area is usually at 0.010” to 0.020"WC which is very hard to measure with any accuracy. The Watchman differential pressure monitor and Omniguard 4 pressure recorder provide an accurate monitoring and alarming functions. They are easy to setup with a simple pushbutton calibration and a tubing connection.

OmniAire Equipment for Laboratory Environments

Air Filtration Systems
Differential Pressure Monitors

Support for the Patient Isolation Rooms

Achieving the best results with our equipment in specific industries often includes understanding the features of our machines and/or the accessories that will best assist you in your job.  Here we provide a few observations and elaborations that may help you in your research.

Medical Uses for Air Purification


FAQ - OmniAire PAC Used for Patients Isolation Rooms

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