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Parts & accessories for OmniAire machines and Omnitec Design Inc. equipment

Omnitec Design offers a large selection of parts and accessories to meet the demands of your job. Parts include:

  • HEPA, Carbon, and dust collection filters for OmniAire machines. OmniAire machines will accommodate a large selection of pre- and final filters depending on your projects demands.
  • Filters for our OmniFlow water filtration system that provide high flow rates and dirt-holding capacity, while maintaining extremely low pressure drop.
  • For control of airflow we offer Intake adapters, and Discharge Accessories such flex ducting and ring clamps.
  • Add-on modules for easy expandability of OmniAire machines. UV Germicidal Irradiation and PEROx Air purifiers provide additional sanitization when needed.
  • Cord kits and sensors for Vulcan electric heaters.

We also offer a complete assortment of repair and replacement parts. To purchase replacement parts, contact any one of our valued distributors. For help and troubleshooting tips on changing filters and more information on serviceable parts visit our YouTube channel.