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Water Filtration

OmniFlow Water Filtration System

Water from showers at Asbestos Abatement sites is often contaminated with asbestos fibers from washing protective gear and equipment. This water must be filtered prior to discharge into a drain. The OmniFlow Water Filtration System is our compact, portable system with replaceable filters.  Our water filtration system comes with standard 20 and 5 micron filters for removal of asbestos and other particulate contaminates. Other specialized filters are available as required.

Reliable water filtration

The OmniFlow Water Filtration System is designed for the transfer and safe discharge of grey water from portable shower units used in abatement projects. This is a 2 stage filtration system ensuring that particulates in the water are reduced to an acceptable level prior to discharge. The system uses standard garden hose connections for ease of hookup, and the filter elements are easily replaceable. The pump is protected by means of a vacuum switch which automatically shuts down the system if the flow of water is interrupted. There is also easy access to the pump to allow maintenance of the impeller and seals without removing the pump from the unit. The unit is lightweight and compact, but is constructed of heavy duty aluminum designed for industrial use. It is available in both 115 volt and 12 volt DC versions.

Water Filters for OmniFlow Water Filtration Systems
Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

For directions and tips on changing OmniFlow water filtration system filters, view our maintenance video. For additional help, please contact us.