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OmniAire 1600PAC Portable Air Cleaner

Portable Air Cleaner For Medical Facilities and Labs

OmniAire 1600PAC, OA1600PAC, HEPA Portable Air Cleaner, Medical air filtration equipment

OmniAire PAC, OA1200PAC, OA1600PAC, Portable Air Cleaner with Intake adapter for flex duct, Medical Air Filtration

OmniAire 1600 PAC HEPA Portable Air Cleaner

PAC UVC Lights (2)

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OmniAire 1600 PAC HEPA Portable Air Cleaner thumbnail
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 OmniAire 1600PAC HEPA Portable Air Cleaner

The OmniAire 1600PAC machine is used to provide either a positive or negative pressure in patient’s room, operation rooms and other environment sensitive areas. PAC can also purify and recirculate air in large patients waiting areas and other isolation spaces. The OmniAire 1600PAC utilizes a combination of a medical grade HEPA filter and UV germicidal irradiation offers the highest level of protection for both health care professionals and patients. Depending on your environmental requirements, OmniAire 1600PAC Series machines offer an assortment of options for pre-filters, HEPA filters and accessories. Our standard OmniAire 1600PAC machine ships with a MERV 11 pleated primary filter, UV-germicidal lights and a 99.99% efficient, .3 micron HEPA filter.

OmniAire equipment provides a cleaner and healthier environment in industrial facilities as well as abatement projects.


  • Combines HEPA/UVGI air purification
  • Quiet operation
  • Fully variable airflow
  • Light weight and a small footprint.
  • Comply with OSHA, UL and CSA/IEC electrical safety requirements.

Optional PEROx air purifier module with Hydro-Peroxide and oxides plasma generator can be quickly installed for safe distraction of VOCs, odors, bacteria, virus and other bio-contaminants. The Hydro-peroxide plasma purifies not only the air passing thru but also the air and surrounding surfaces. ThePEROx module enables a quick turnover of patient’s rooms and in depth purification without use of chemicals.



Airflow:    • 200-1800 cfm

Weight: • 135 lbs
Filtration: • Primary/Secondary Filter – Pleated MERV-11 rated
• HEPA Filter – Metal Frame 99.99% Efficiency .3 micron individually certified
• Optional – Carbon Filter for odor control
• Germicidal Irradiation – 4 – 15W UV-C Germicidal Light
• Optional PEROx Air Purifier Module
Cabinet: • Aircraft grade aluminum with epoxy powder coat, closed end rivet construction with all seams silicone sealed before riveting.
• Hospital grade non-marking 3″ casters with brakes
• Molded polyurethane handle
Controls: • Speed Selector Switch – HIGH/SPEED CONTROL
• Variable Speed Controller
• Pressure Gauge – 0″ to 5″
• Digital Hour Meter
• UVGI Light Switch – ON/OFF and LEDstatus lights


• 26″ wide 20″ deep 40″ high

Power Requirement -Standard:

• 115 VAC/ 50-60 Hz 12.0 amps

Power Requirement – Optional:

• 230 VAC/50-60 Hz/6.5 amps

* Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Different HEPA filters may cause the flow to vary.

Ordering, Parts & Accessories

To order Use Part Number
OmniAire 1600PAC Portable Air Cleaner OA2000PAC

Item Part #
Pleated filter, MERV11 efficiency OPF2416
Intake Manifold, ABS plastic, 25.5″x19.5″ with 10″ ring OAIM2000-10
Intake Manifold, ABS plastic, 25.5″x19.5″ with 12″ ring OAIM2000-12
PEROx Air Purifier Module, PEROx Air Purifier Module for OmniAire 1600PAC OHPM-16-1X (-2X &-3X)
UV Germicidal Irradiation Module, EUV12 Replacement UV-C Light, 15 W, 12” long EUV12

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