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OmniAire 18000, OA18000, 18000 CFM Air Filtration System

OmniAire 18000 HEPA Air Filtration System

Air Filtration System

OmniAire 18000, OA18000, 18000 CFM Air Filtration System

OmniAire 18000

The OmniAire 18000 is our largest portable HEPA air system with 18,000 CFM air flow capacity. The OA18000 is a modular air filtration machine with a unique versatility in setup and number of optional filters to assist you on your projects.

OmniAire 18000 HEPA can be used to purify and re-circulate air or create positive or negative air pressure containment areas. It is used for mold, asbestos & lead abatement projects, construction sites, restoration projects, water or fire damage clean-up and many other applications. The OA18000 Air Filtration System ships standard with a single blower unit, three HEPA cabinets, and nine 99.97% efficient HEPA filters.

Blower Unit Features

The OmniAire 18000 modular system consists of Blower cabinet and three Filter cabinets, all connected by flex hoses. The cabinets are easy to transport and setup at any type of projects, including high-rise buildings and HAZMAT removal jobs.

The Blower cabinet contains twin 22″ vaneaxial blowers with 7.5 HP motors and controls, and operates on a 230 VAC/60HZ/45 AMP power source. The portable blower cabinet is mounted on 4″ casters, weighs 900 lbs. and is 30″ wide, 72″ high, and 48″ long.  The reinforced steel internal frame enables the blower unit to be moved by forklift and by crane.

HEPA Cabinet Features

Each Filter cabinet contains 3 filters, which could be 99.97% HEPA, bag filters, or carbon filters.  The individual filter cabinets each have a differential pressure gauge to measure loading of the filters with particulates. Filter cabinets are mounted on casters, weigh 200 lbs. when fully loaded with HEPA filters, and are 26″ wide, 80″ high, and 28″ long. Three (3) flex hoses connect the modular filter cabinets to the blower cabinet. Our standard hoses are 18″ diameter, 25’ long, with a 10″ WC vacuum rating. The OA18000 will accept many pre- and final filters depending on the application. Options such as HEPA, Carbon, and Bag filters allow flexibility from project to project. OdorGuard carbon web filters or large capacity VaporTrap carbon filters may be installed to control odor and VOC’s depending on operating demands. Individual filter cabinets can be located in three separate remediation areas while the blower unit remains outside of the containment area to avoid unnecessary contamination of the blower module.

The OmniAire 18000 Filter Cabinets house nine filters are designed for:

  • HEPA filters for abatement of hazardous waste with efficiencies up to 99.97% at .3 micron.
  • VaporTrap carbon filters are recommended when control of gaseous contaminants, odors, and VOC’s, continuously generated, require a large amount of activated carbon. VaporTrap is a disposable V- Bank filter containing 36 lbs. of bulk granular carbon. VaporTrap carbon filters can be installed in OmniAire 18000 filter cabinets in the place of HEPA.
  • Our standard Dustlok filter, Primary/secondary filters are combined in dual density poly pad filter with MERV-8 efficiency. The filter is treated with anti-microbial additive and tactifier to increase dust holding capacity extending the life of your final filter.  Dustlok filters are an economical filter for all types of applications.
  • To control non-hazardous dust, the OmniAire 18000 can be equipped with Bag Filter Housing Modules, and MERV-14 bag filters. Our bag Filters are constructed of synthetic, moisture resistant media and galvanized steel separators.  The Bag Filter Housing Module can be installed in place of HEPA filter for efficient and economical bulk dust collection.



Airflow:    • 18000 cfm

Weight: • Blower Unit: 900 lbs
• Filter Cabinet: 200 lbs (with filters)
Filtration: • Primary/Secondary Filter – Dual-ply Dustlok polyester pad
• High flow HEPA Filter – Wood Frame 99.97% Efficiency, 0.3 micron
Cabinet: • Blower: Aircraft grade aluminum housing with galvanized steel frame; closed end rivet construction.
• Blower: All seams are silicone sealed before riveting.
• Blower: 4 – 4″ casters for ease of movement
• Filter Cabinet: Galvanized steel, powder coated; closed end rivet construction, all seams are silicone sealed before riveting
• Filter Cabinet: 3″casters for ease of movement
Controls: • 2 – motor starter boxes with 32A disconnects w/ lockout feature and Overload relay
• 2 -Start/Stop switches
• 2 -Power On Indicator
• 2-Hour meters
• Filter Cabinet Control – 0″-5″ WC differential pressure gauge for filter loading


• 2 – 22″ Vaneaxial Fans with 7.5hp motors

Power Requirement:

• 230V/60 Hz/3 phase/ 45 amp

Blower Outlet:

• 2 – 24″ diameter rings

Blower Dimensions:

• 3 -18” diameter rings for flex hoses from Filter Cabinets

Cabinet Dimentions:

• 32″ wide 72″ high 43″ long

Cabinet Outlet:

• 26″ wide 80″ high 28″ long

Cabinet Inlet:

• 18” dia. ring for flex hose to Blower Cabinet


• 3- hinged doors with protective grill

* Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Different HEPA filters may cause the flow to vary.

Ordering, Parts & Accessories

To order Use Part Number
OmniAire 18000V Blower Unit (Complete) OA18000B
OA18000F-Filter Cabinet (3 required) OA18000F
HEPA Filter 99.97%, .3 micron (9 required) OAH2424L

Item Part #
HEPA Filter, 99.97% 0.3µ, High flow, Wood frame OAH2424H
Bag Filter Housing, 24”x24”x12” HBF2200
Bag Filter, MERV14 efficiency, 24”x24”x12”, 8 pockets OBF10
Primary/Secondary Filter, box of 20 OAP2424
OdorGuard 600 Carbon Web Filter, Medium Duty – 24” x 24” x 2” OG2424
VaporTrap, 24”x24”x12”, 36 lb of carbon
Disposable V- Bank | Granular Carbon
PVC Hose, Wire Reinforced | Flexible – 18”x25’ OARD type, rated for 10”WC vacuum OARD18
Quick Clamp, 18” QCW18
Quick Clamp, 12″ QCW14

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