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OmniAire 2200CBF Air Machine

Bag Filtration Equipped Air Machine

OmniAire 2200CBF Air Machine

The OmniAire 2200CBF is a construction grade air scrubber. It is equipped with a 95% ASHRAE bag filter and 2-stage pre-filter. It is used on projects where dust control is necessary but HEPA filtration is not a requirement. The economical bag filter has a high capacity to collect bulk dust from cutting or grinding of concrete, wood or plaster. The bag filter  installed in the OmniAire 2200CBF can be replaced with a 99.97% HEPA filter if the job requires HEPA filtration.

OmniAire equipment provides a cleaner and healthier environment in industrial facilities as well as abatement projects.

OmniAire 2200CBF Applications:

  • Restoration projects after flood and fire
  • Medical facilities during renovation and maintenance
  • Removal of construction dust with use of Bag Filter module.
  • Cleaner environment in industrial facilities
  • Removal of construction dust generated by grinding concrete, sanding wood and many other tasks

OmniAire2200C Accessories

  • Activated carbon filters for removal of chemical fumes and biological contaminants
  • Multi-packet bag filter assembly – installed in place of HEPA for economical removal of construction dust.
  • Intake manifold for flex hose connection
  • PEROx Air Purification module for destruction of VOCs, odors, virus and bacteria

For your safety, the OmniAire 2200CBF is OSHA, UL and CSA/IEC compliant for electrical safety.


Airflow:    • 1000/2000 cfm*

Weight: • 152 lbs
Filtration: • Primary/Secondary Filter – Dual-ply Dustlok polyester pad
• Bag Filter w/8-pockets, MERV14
• Activated carbon filter for odor and biological control
Cabinet: • Galvanized metal, closed end rivet construction. All seams are silicone sealed before riveting.
Controls: • Power Switch – HIGH/OFF/LOW
• Pressure switch with “Change Filter” light

Power Requirement:

• 115 VAC/ 50-60 Hz 12.0 amps

Outlet Ring Size:

• 12″ diameter


• 26″ wide 31″ high 34″ long

* Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Different HEPA filters may cause the flow to vary.

Ordering, Parts & Accessories

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