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Special Orders

Special Orders and Customized Equipment.

Specialized applications can require machine configurations be other than standard. Omnitec Design’s production staff works closely with our front-end operations to customize your equipment to meet your needs. Because we understand that additional lead-time can be a significant factor, we ship our products factory direct, resulting in minimal delays in shipping special ordered product. Our skilled assembly team will build your equipment to desired custom requirements efficiently and with little added time.

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Design to Delivery.

Omnitec Design has over 25 years in the business of air filtration equipment and product design. Our knowledgeable design personnel are able make alterations and modifications to our equipment in the production stage as our customers’ needs arise. Custom configurations and special orders delivery times can vary depending on many factors such as fabrication and parts availability. Omnitec design understands that delivery time can be extremely important. We will work hard to incorporate modifications, crucial requirements, or additional design elements as necessary, with minimal delay.