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Omnitec Design’s collection of RSS feeds providing Abatement & Remediation industry news, EPA, OSHA, industrial and commercial, medical publications,  and other applicable topics. We invite you to use our industry news section to stay up to date with our useful  feeds…

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Omnitec equipment combines the best technologies for scrubbing the air of fine dust, particulate, and biological contaminants. Our equipment is used in many specialized industries. Our full line of negative air machines, HEPA air scrubbers, air purifiers, structural drying equipment, and differential pressure monitors are used worldwide. We serve an array of specific fields including asbestos, mold, and lead abatement & remediation, restoration contractors, in health care facilities, hospitals, and labs, for industrial and commercial applications, bio-hazard and crime scene cleanup, disaster and epidemic first response teams, and in a wide range of environmental abatement projects. We have been manufacturing high-quality equipment, made in the USA since 1988.