OmniTec Restoration & Remediation Equipment

OmniTec manufactures negative air machines, scrubbers, heaters, pressure monitors, and water filtration equipment used by abatement and restoration contractors, health care facilities, industrial and commercial applications and a wide range of environmental cleanup projects. Our equipment combines the best technologies available for HEPA air filtration, control of VOCs, odor and biological contaminants and heaters for structural drying and sanitizing. Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable filtration equipment. Our equipment is used for abatement, remediation, construction and renovations, labs, healthcare facilities, and more. When you purchase our equipment you will receive not only a quality product, built in the USA, but helpful customer service. By purchasing any of OmniTec's filtration, dust collecting, or purifying equipment you will receive our complete support.

    • OmniAire negative air machines are high quality, HEPA air filtration and purification equipment. Our equipment is used in abatement, industrial environments and healthcare facilities worldwide.
    • OmniGuard our differential pressure recorder is known as the industry standard. Shop OmniGuard 6 Here »
    • OmniFlow Portable Water Filtration purify water discharged from asbestos and lead abatement sites to acceptable or regulated levels for discharge to public drains.
    • Compact, high output Vulcan Structural Drying Heaters are used for structural drying by increasing the evaporation rate of moisture.
    • PEROX Air Purifier for safe and effective VOC, odor and bio-contamination control. Effective for restoration after floods and fires, used in healthcare facilities, and thousands of additional applications.


How to Buy OmniTec Equipment

We distribute through our network of authorized Distributors throughout USA, Canada, and internationally. Our customer service is available to assist you in choosing right filtration, monitoring, or purifying equipment. We are prepared to help solve even difficult technical issues. Please contact us with any questions concerning our distributors or with help in purchasing our products.

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