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Omnitec Design started in 1988 with an innovative design of a modular OmniForce negative air machine for asbestos abatement. It was a radical departure from the then-standard 300 lb. machines and the first truly portable neg air machine. OmniForce has now a variable speed and large capacity blower, but it retained its modular design for ease of portability and decontamination.

In 1992, Omnitec recognized a need to document negative pressure in containment and our OmniGuard DP recorder became the industry standard.

With increased focus on health concerns and the air quality in abatement, industrial environments, and healthcare facilities, we expanded our line of equipment. Omnitec manufactures quality equipment to suit the needs for the abatement, restoration and construction industries, healthcare facilities and first response teams. Our line of OmniAire HEPA air filtration machines delivers air flows from 50 to 18,000 CFM.

Our OmniFlow portable water filtration system is used to remove asbestos and lead contaminants at abatement sites. Structural drying is now more efficient, easier and safer with our Vulcan heaters and OmniAire 1500HS, moisture extraction machine with HEPA filtration. Safe removal of odor, VOCs, viruses, bacteria and other bio-contaminants can be effectively controlled with our PEROx air purifier.

Omnitec Design has a strong history of providing excellent products and dedicated customer support. Together with our network of distributors around the US and Canada, we are ready to assist you.