Differential Pressure Monitors

Pressure Monitor use in a Containment Area

When using negative pressure containment, it is important to monitor the pressure inside the containment in reference to the outside area. However, because the typical negative pressure required is usually only 0.020”WC, it can be difficult to find equipment sensitive enough to measure and monitor your containment area. Omnitec Design has a popular solution to meet this need. The self-contained Omniguard 5 Pressure Recorder are designed to provide highly accurate monitoring and alarm functions while still being easy to setup with a simple push-button calibration.

When to use a Pressure Monitor

A pressure monitor is a very important tool that can help ensure the integrity of a containment.  Dealing with hazardous debris from abatement/remediation jobs can be a sensitive task that demands safe practices by workers to guarantee their safety, and those who may come into contact with potentially harmful material. Pressure monitors may be deployed for a whole array of industries. These include restoration & construction, industrial or commercial areas, healthcare facilities & labs, and by first response teams for facility monitoring or  epidemic control.

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Introducing the new OmniGuard 6, the gold standard of differential pressure monitoring and recording. Encased in a robust, longer-lasting shell, and featuring an improved printer, this device is versatile and user-friendly. What sets the OmniGuard 6 ap…

Airflow: Operating pressure range from +/- 0.250 inches Water Column ( +/- 6.35 mm WC, +/- 62.5 Pascals) | Weight: 6 lbs. |