OHPM-16-1X (-2X &-3X)

Part: OHPM-16-1X (-2X &-3X)

PEROx Air Purifier Module for OmniAire 1600PAC medical grade air filtration machines

OmniAire 1600PAC with a PEROx Air Purifier is a very powerful and safe tool to use to control biological contaminants, mold spores, odors, VOCs, sanitize air and surfaces during the restoration process. PEROx generates Hydro-peroxide without use of chemicals and can be used in occupied spaces throughout restoration jobs and in the final cleanup of restored areas. PEROx air purifier modules offer a choice of three sizes of oxidizing plasma generators to suit your environmental requirements. The generators last about 25,000 hours of continued operation before requiring any service. The airflow thru the PEROx Air Purifier Module for OmniAire 1600PAC, even at 100 CFM, is enough to disperse the oxidizer plasma into the air and surrounding space. With higher airflow and more powerful generator, the purification is faster and can cover large spaces.

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