OmniAire 1000 Series

The world’s most powerful, compact negative air machines.

Portable HEPA Air Filtration Systems for Air Scrubbing & Negative (or Positive) Air Applications


The OmniAire 1000 Series is a family of compact, low-profile negative air machines, featuring 3 models with progressive features and increasing air flow rates, allowing you to match the right solution to your application needs. It’s the only HEPA air filtration system with a high-performance, TrueCFM™* rating, in a compact, light-weight, and easy-to-maneuver design.

The OmniAire 1000 Series creates positive or negative pressure containment spaces on job sites where mold, asbestos, and lead abatement is required or in healthcare facilities with infection control programs and requirements. These machines are also used to clean or scrub the air in general commercial spaces, warehouses, factories, medical facilities, and just about anywhere indoor air quality is a concern. Compatible with a variety of true HEPA filters, MERV rated pre-filters and activated carbon filters, any model in the series is configurable for a large array of projects and applications.


The OmniAire 1000 Series Includes:
  • OA1000 Prime – A portable HEPA filtration system in a compact, low profile, light-weight form factor with the CFM output of much larger, heavier and louder machines.
  • OA1000 Plus – The same compact form factor as the Prime model with increased air flow (CFM) performance and a convenient run time meter for efficient HEPA filter replacement monitoring and overall project duration tracking. Also available with an optional audible alarm.
  • OA1000 Pro – Delivers the highest air flow (CFM) performance in the family, with all the options on the Plus, as well as variable speed control and a pressure gauge dial for more precise HEPA filter monitoring. The Pro also comes in an optional powder-coated, white finish preferred by many hospitals and healthcare facilities. The OA1000 Pro replaces the OA1000V and OA1000V-MED and offers comparable features and performance.

Standard Features

maximum performance

Maximum Performance

  • Sealed, true-HEPA filter (99.97% or higher efficiency at 0.3µ)
  • Anti-microbial, tackified prefilter to extend life of the HEPA
  • Integrated exhaust duct for negative or positive pressure applications
  • Optional intake manifold

Simple Maintenance

  • HEPA filter replacement indicator on all models
  • Easy pre-filter replacement, no tools required

Intentional Industrial Design

  • 6-foot power cord with integrated cord grip
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, lightweight and durable aluminum housing
  • Compact, low profile footprint for the tightest of spaces
  • Store-flat handles facilitate safe 2-person lift of the unit
  • Industrial-grade casters for mobility on or between job sites

Engineered For Safety

  • Thermal protection overload monitor to allow for safe 24/7/365 operation
  • UL/CSA Safety Certified

*OmniAire machines with a TrueCFM™ air flow specification have undergone a rigorous and precise method for CFM measurements that is transparent and repeatable by any qualified third party. TrueCFM™ specifications are established using a new (unloaded), factory-certified HEPA filter, installed in the applicable OmniAire machine. For details regarding test setup and procedures, you may contact us at info@omnitecdesign.com.


In High-Stakes Applications, a Sealed HEPA Filter Matters

HEPA filtration devices with unsealed filters are not only inefficient (like a gear slipping on a bicycle) but pose a danger to people in close proximity.

100% of the air pulled through any OmniAire portable HEPA filtration machine must travel through the HEPA filter itself. Our systems are designed to ensure every bit of airflow is properly filtered, keeping everyone on the job site or in the facility safe.

Industrial Air Filtration Applications

  • Projects that require negative or positive pressure containment spaces and requiring true HEPA filtration including abatement of mold, asbestos, & lead
  • Water damage and restoration projects
  • Healthcare construction involving infection control compliance
  • Removal of hazardous odors, VOCs, or fumes in industrial or other dangerous environments
  • General control and removal of dust and debris
  • Mobile and pop-up patient isolation applications in hospitals, acute care centers and assisted or long-term living environments
  • Removal of wildfire smoke in commercial spaces, warehouses, and factories

Crucial Environments

  • Construction and job sites for abatement, remediation, and restoration projects (residential homes, commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, and other places with indoor construction).
  • Manufacturing and warehousing facilities
  • Communal living environments including long-term care and assisted living facilities, higher education dormitories, and prisons.
  • Government facilities and military installations
  • Public health facilities including Open to the Public Clean Air Centers

OmniAire 1000 Series Accessories:

  • To direct airflow as needed, optional intake manifold adapters can be added to the OmniAire 1000V that simply drop into the rear or the machine. Our manifold adapters are made of durable ABS plastic and allow the machines to operate outside of the containment area and connect to the containment with a flexible hose.
  • OdorGuard 600 carbon filters when added optionally provide effective control of odors, VOCs, or fumes. OdorGuard Filters can be installed behind the Dustlok pre-filter for individual projects, or whenever necessary.


Airflow: 300 CFM to 1000 CFM based on speed settings and filter selection

Weight: 96 lbs/43.5 kg

Filtration: PRIME:
Primary: HEPA 6” Particle Board Frame, 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3µ
Secondary: MERV-11 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
Primary: HEPA 12” Particle Board Frame, 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3µ
Secondary: MERV-11 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
Primary: HEPA 12” Metal Frame, High Capacity 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3µ
Secondary: MERV-11 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
Cabinet: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Housing (Optional Powder Coating on PRO)
Controls: PRIME:
LOW/HIGH/OFF Switch; CHANGE FILTER Indicator Light
LOW/HIGH/OFF Switch; CHANGE FILTER Indicator Light; Run Meter
POWER Indicator Light; OFF/MAX/MIN Variable Speed Dial; CHANGE FILTER Indicator Light; Run Meter, Pressure Gauge
Noise (at 6’ (1.83 M) NIOSH SLM):
Negative Pressure Ready:
Power Requirements:
Speed Options:
Audio Alarm:
68 – 72 dB
115 VAC/60 Hz/4.4 Amp
19”W x 23”H x 31.5”L
PRIME: 2-Speed  |  PLUS: 2-Speed  |  PRO: Variable
PRIME: No  |  PLUS: Optional  |  PRO: No

*Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Different HEPA filters may cause the flow to vary.

Ordering, Parts & Accessories

To Order: Use Part Number:
OmniAire 1000 Prime
OmniAire 1000 Plus
OmniAire 1000 Pro
OmniAire 1000 Plus with Audio Alarm
OmniAire 1000 Pro with Powder Coated Housing
Item Part #
Air Filters, HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3µ OAH1616-6
HEPA Filter, 99. 97%, 0.3µ, Wood Frame OAH1616
HEPA Filter, 99.99%, 0.3µ, Metal Frame OAH1616G
Air Filters, HEPA Filter, 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3µ OAH1616G-HC
OdorGuard 600 Carbon Web Filter, Medium Duty – 16" x 16" x 2" OG1616
Intake Manifold, Intake Manifold Kit 10" (Manifold, clamp, duct) OAIM1000-10KIT
Intake Manifold, ABS plastic, 17.75"x17.75" with 10” ring OAIM10
Quick Clamp, 10" QCW12
Flexible Duct, Wire Reinforced | Flexible - 10”x25’ OAD10
Flexible Duct, Intake/Discharge Accessories, Flexible Duct, 10" Dia. X 25' L, Wire & Fiber Reinforced OAD10R

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