Omniforce II Modular HEPA Air Machine

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HEPA Air Filtration Machine

OmniAire OmniForce II Modular HEPA Negative Air Machine – DISCONTINUED

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OmniForce II is a modular, compact negative air machine. It is extremely versatile machine with a high airflow, variable speed blower and many accessories available. The OmniForce II is easily transported and setup in two pieces, each weighing less than 50 pounds. It’s ideal for work on ships, in attics, crawl spaces and other hard to access areas. This machine can be used to create positive or negative air pressure containment areas for mold, asbestos, and lead abatement projects, construction sites, restoration projects after water/fire damage, and many other applications. For your safety, the OmniForce II fully complies with OSHA, UL, and CSA/IEC electrical safety requirements.

OmniForce II Applications include:

  • Abatement of mold, asbestos and lead
  • Restoration projects after flood and fire
  • Medical facilities to prevent spread of virus and bacteria during renovation and maintenance

Available accessories for the OmniForce II include:

  • Activated carbon filters for removal of chemical fumes and biological contaminants
  • Intake manifold for flex hose connection
  • PEROx Air Purification module for destruction of VOCs, odors, virus and bacteria.

OmniAire equipment provides a cleaner and healthier environment in industrial facilities as well as abatement projects.



Airflow: 200-1600 cfm

Weight: 95 lbs with filter

Filtration: Primary/Secondary Filter - Dual-ply Dustlok polyester pad, Standard HEPA Filter - Metal Frame 99.97% Efficiency @0.3 micron, Optional - Carbon Filter for odor control
Cabinet: Aircraft grade aluminum, closed end rivet construction. All seams are silicone sealed before riveting., 3” casters with breakes, hospital grade, non-marking
Controls: Control panel with recessed controls, Speed Selector Switch - HIGH/OFF/SPEED CONTROL, Variable Speed Controller, Pressure Gauge - 0" to 5"
Outlet Ring Size:
Power Requirement:
14" diameter
18" wide 27" high 32" long with filter attached
115 VAC/60 Hz/9.4 Amp

*Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Different HEPA filters may cause the flow to vary.

Ordering, Parts & Accessories

To Order: Use Part Number:
OmniAire Omniforce II Negative Air Machine OF100V
Item Part #
HEPA Filter, 99.97%, 0.3µ, Metal with double turn flanges OFH12
Primary/Secondary Filter, box of 20 OFP2518
, A post with the ID $part does not exist.
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Intake Manifold, ABS plastic, 24"x18" with 14” ring OFM14
Quick Clamp, 12" QCW14
Flexible Duct, Wire Reinforced | Flexible (Special Order) - 14”x25’ OFD14

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