Product and Troubleshooting Videos

Product and Troubleshooting Videos

Product and troubleshooting videos are available as a vital resource, to help our customers. These resources are designed our distributors and customers alike. Our product videos offer a digital line card that will allow you to see our products based on industry, or specific field of interest. Check out our Youtube channel for a full line up or click below for specific product videos.

  • OmniAire – high quality, HEPA air filtration and purification equipment for use in abatement, industrial environments and healthcare.
  • Watchman – DP/Alarm monitor, our economical differential pressure monitor.
  • OmniFlow – purification unit for water discharged from asbestos and lead abatement sites.
  • Vulcan – A compact, high output heater for structural drying.
  • PEROX air purifiers –  for safe and effective VOC, odor and bio-contamination control. Effective for restoration after floods and fires, use in healthcare facilities, and thousands of additional applications.

Troubleshooting Videos

Omnitec Design has created a extensive library to help our customers better understand our products. We have several different product and troubleshooting videos to chose from including features and functions, maintenance and troubleshooting.


If you would like more information, contact our technical support or our customer service which is also available Monday thru Friday, 8am-4pm (PST).